How To Create Killer Facebook Ads For Your Small Business

The only course you will need to start running ads on Facebook & Instagram, and get results regardless of your level of skill or experience, for your service based business

STOP boosting posts and wasting your money

Learn how to run Facebook Ads effectively with our 15+ hours Intensive Program.

To survive and grow, your business needs new customers

Relying on word-of-mouth and referrals in not enough. It often leads to:

What You Will Get

Lifetime Access to 12 Classes

You can complete the entire course as quickly as you like, and keep coming back for refreshers for life! We recommend taking 3-6 weeks to consume all the material.

Tech Labs and Worksheets

You'll be given simple worksheets for each strategy class + also get practical, nitty gritty experience in Ads Manager in our tech labs. You don't have to be a pro - we'll make it easy and digestable.

Community Support

Have questions in between classes? Want to discuss ideas with others in the same shoes as you? You'll have access to a private Facebook group where can support you.

What's Included In the Course

We’ve designed this course carefully to be the only one you will need to go from scratch to launching your first ad campaign. (psst – it’s an in-depth version of our training program we use for our new employees, when they come to us with no experience on Facebook Ads)

The Fundamentals

Planning Your Lead Generation Strategy [60 mins]

Learn how to think about your funnel the right way, and understand the downside of not having a solid strategy


Tech Lab 01 – Setting Up Your Facebook Tech [60 mins]

Follow click-by-click on how to set up your Facebook Ads foundation, including Ads Manager, Business Manager and Pixel set up

All About Targeting

Targeting Techniques & Strategies That Work [60 mins]

We’ll help you understand who you should be targeting for maximum results

Tech Lab 02 – The ‘Ad Set Level’ in Facebook [75 mins]

Learn how to set up your Custom & Lookalike Audiences within Facebook, and choose the right placements for your ads


Creating Your Killer Ads

Writing Killer Ad Copy  [60 mins]

Learn our 4-step process for writing ads and how to craft copy that gets results.


Make Killer Ad Creatives  [60 mins]

Understand what images and videos grab attention and stop customers from scrolling past your ad


Tech Lab 03 – Easy Image & Video Hacks  [60 mins]

A walkthrough of the tools we personally use to build our creatives


Tech Lab 04 – Master the ‘Ad Level’ in Facebook [60 mins]

Follow click-by-click to be aware of all the ad settings you should be using in Facebook Ads manager

All About Landing Pages

Landing Pages That Work  [60 mins]

Learn how to craft an effective landing page – design, layout and copy hacks that convert

Tech Lab 05 – Leadpages Tutorial  [60 mins]

How to add tracking pixels to your landing pages, trigger notifications, lead magnets and more

Measure & Optimize Campaign Like a Pro

Measure & Optimize Your Campaign Like a Pro  [60 mins]

Learn how to track and follow up with leads to improve conversions, and optimize your campaigns


Tech Lab 06 – Build Automations & Set Up Reporting [60 mins]

Set up automations and your custom dashboard in Ads Manager

Why learn from us?

At Digitalina, we work with a range of clients across different industries such as education (primary, post-secondary and professional), automotive, health and wellness (e.g. weight loss, beauty, dental, chiropractic, neurofeedback), real estate and children’s sports.

We help our clients get:

And you can hear it from themselves, watch this video ->

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Who Is This Program For?

We’ve designed this course carefully to be the only one you will need to go from scratch to launching your first ad campaign. (psst – it’s an in-depth version of our training program we use for our new employees, when they come to us with no experience on Facebook Ads)

You are someone who is:

  • Tired of trying to figure out Facebook Ads themselves and not seeing results
  • Willing to learn, put in the work and take action
  • Frustrated by financial instability, lack of business growth and is ready to take it to the next level

You also meet this criteria:

  • Business owner or freelancer
  • You sell B2C services (note: this course is NOT relevant for physical products/eCommerce)
  • Some examples of industries that are a good fit are below:

Meet Your Instructor

Alina Islam

A graduate from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Alina has since been working in marketing & advertising since 2010. She earned her stripes at global agencies Red Urban and Leo Burnett, working on brands such as Volkswagen, Kellogg’s, Bell Canada and ConAgra.

Later in 2017, she dove headfirst into the world of digital marketing at Outmatch Associates in Toronto, where she learned the ins and outs of digital marketing and led a team of over 15 people for multiple websites that received up to 10 million visitors per month.

Fast forward to present day, and her passion is helping owners of local businesses set up systems that help generate consistent leads and achieve growth.

Our Promise To You


Unlike most other courses, we don’t stop at strategy. We show you exactly what and where you need to click in Facebook Ads manager. We’ll give you all the tools, recordings and checklists so you never get lost.


You cannot learn digital marketing, let alone Facebook marketing’ in one week, or buy a certificate to make you an expert.

You have to get in the weeds and execute.

We will be real with you about the work you’ll have to put in to get results for your biz.


This course is created specifically for small business owners and solopreneurs, and is created by a small business owner.

We will go at a comfortable pace, we’ll answer your questions in real time and you will be among like-minded people.

No boring lectures here, just a fun and engaging learning experience!

Interested in the workshop?

Interested in the workshop?