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Because we bring results, it’s as simple as that.

A lot of marketing agencies overcomplicate things and focus on fluffy metrics like ‘reach’, ‘impressions’ and ‘post reactions’, which don’t really matter if you’re not making more sales.

The only metrics that matter to us are the # of leads and # of lifetime customers we were able to generate for you every month.

More leads = more customers = more sales revenue.

This can range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It depends on a number of factors, such as:

What industry you’re in
Factors such as product demand, simplicity and affordability have a direct impact on your results. For example, leads for a yoga studio will pour in much faster as compared to a cybersecurity product for banks that has a high price tag and is complex to understand.

How familiar your client is with your business
The greater that familiarity, the easier it is to generate results. For example, a 40% off Nike shoes promotion will generate much stronger results than 40% off shoe promotion for a brand no-one has ever heard of before.

How much you’re willing to spend to fail fast
We typically take a few days to a few weeks (again, depending on the type of product) to experiment with different types of ads to see what works and what doesn’t for your business. The more we can spend upfront, the more data we have to learn more and make changes. You’ll gather far more data with a $100/day ad spend for the first week vs. $5/day ad spend with a few clicks.

We work with clients on a monthly retainer basis, made up of two parts:

1. Management fees
Management fees vary based the number of campaigns you want us to run (e.g. a free yoga class trial and a 50% off massage promo are two separate campaigns), and the number of services we will be performing for you e.g. will you need email marketing? Do you need us to shoot photos and videos?

After our discovery call together, we will provide you with a custom quote within 24 hours.

2. Ad spend
We recommend starting with a minimum of $500 USD/month

Nope. We recommend to work together for a minimum of three months to maximize your ROI, but you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Based on past experience, lead generation campaigns are profitable when certain conditions exist:

You have been in business at least 3-4 years
You are already active on social media and post regularly
You are clear on your target audience and already have experience from dealing with hundreds or thousands of past customers
You have a clear, defined sales process
You have a sales team or support staff who can manage a high volume of incoming leads to convert them into sales
You have a library of images and videos that can be used in campaigns (or are willing to invest in this with us!)

For these reasons, 99% of the time lead generation campaigns aren’t the right fit for startups. However, we do offer consulting services for startups on how to grow your brand with social media.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer services for daily social media management. We focus specifically on creating paid social media advertising campaigns that generate leads.

Social media and Google Adwords are not competing services, they are complementary.

To illustrate this point, let’s consider a a yoga studio that wants more customers.

Google Ads are great for targeting people who are already searching for a yoga studio to join in their area. But this is a very limited slice of the population.

What about all the other people who aren’t considering a yoga studio as an option yet? Who want to lose weight, become stronger, more flexible or just get healthier, but hadn’t considered yoga until they saw your ad?

Social media advertising not only helps broaden your list of potential customers, it’s far more engaging and entertaining (you can use fun videos and engaging copy vs. plain text on Google search) and it’s also where 99% of people are spending their time every. single. day!

This mostly comes down to the quality of leads.

With social media advertising, you have the ability to target your ideal customer, tell them more about your brand and develop a relationship with them.

On Groupon, you are getting people who are reading generic text about your business, are in the deal hunting mindset, chasing discounts and comparing your prices to competitors all on the same page.

Yes, of course! We work with clients all over the world and regularly communicate with them over the phone, Whatsapp and video conferencing software.

That’s awesome!

Let’s schedule a free discovery call where we can learn more about each other. You can schedule a call here.

Interested in the workshop?

Interested in the workshop?