Facebook Ads Mistake #2 – Not Crafting An Irresistible Offer

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Recently, I’ve been talking about the mistakes I see business owners making with their Facebook Ads. Today, we are talking about Mistake #2.

Mistake #2 – Not crafting an interesting offer or promo to get a lead through your Facebook Ads.

Allow me to explain.

If you want someone to give you their name, email address, or phone number, you have to give them a reason to do it. Most people encounter resistance when they see a form, Right? They don’t want to fill out their details, it feels like a pain or they wander what you’re going to do with their details.

But, if there is an offer that’s exciting enough or enticing enough for them to overcome the resistance of filling out that form, they’re going to do so.

Instead, what I see a lot of businesses doing it’s just pointing an ad to their website with a form to register your interest, and you’re crossing your fingers and hoping that they do that.

To illustrate, let’s look at an ad that has a promo offer vs. a more  generic ad – the type that I see a lot of businesses unfortunately doing. So, let’s start off with my fake example of ABC Yoga Studio. (Very clever name, I know.)

So here’s example of ad copy that I usually see e.g. “ABC Yoga Studio offers a wide range of Yoga classes from Hatha to Ashtanga, with packages starting from 700 AED a month, inquire now. Headline: Yoga Studio in Jumeirah. CTA: learn more.”

Is that exciting? Or does it feel kind of plain?

I often see businesses talking a little bit about themselves, highlighting features and prices and a generic headline e.g. “the best yoga studio in Jumeirah, visit us today.”

But there is nothing uniquely exciting about this. In contrast, adding a promo offer can make a big difference to the copy, even while keeping the same image.

E.g. “Hey Yogi’s! This week only, ABC Yoga Studio in Jumeirah is giving away 50 free class passes. Enter your details below and we’ll message you a free class pass instantly. Hurry, there are only 50 and these will go in a few hours.” Headline: “Book A Free Yoga Class (50 SPOTS) only.”

Note: it’s good to add a bit of urgency and scarcity letting customers know that there are only 50 passes. There is also a clear call to action telling you to enter your details and receive the voucher.

You can see how that might be more exciting for someone and give them more the reason to enter their details than something generic.

Side note: I know you may be worried that you hear you’re giving away something for free versus here you might have an actual paying customer. But I want you to think about the conversion rates. Maybe one out of a hundred people might come to you through the generic ad where they inquire and they’ll pay the 700 AED amount, or you can get 50 people in one week coming through your door.

And if we are targeting an ideal customer in the back end of Ads Manager (excluding the time wasters and the people you don’t want), then only the people who want to see this ad will see this ad.

If they like your service, you can upsell them to a seven-day pass, a one month pass or more. You will likely get way more conversions out of those 50 people coming in one week than running this ad maybe for a couple of months and getting one person through it.

I hope that helps and let’s talk next week, bye!

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