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We’re a lead generation agency in Dubai.
We help SMEs generate leads from social media and attract thousands of new, lifetime customers.


Step 1: Digital Strategy

We put together a lead generation strategy that is tailored to your business

Step 2: Photography and Video Production

Don’t have videos and images? We’ll capture the right images and videos to make your lead generation campaigns work.

Step 3: Landing Page Creation

We’ll create highly persuasive landing pages that are optimized for conversions

Step 4: Social Media Ads Management

We’ll create ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, managing and optimizing them along the way to drive ROI

Step 5: Automated Follow-Ups

We’ll set up an automated email or text messaging sequence to help convert your leads.

Step 6: Analytics and Reporting

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed. We provide ongoing reporting to ensure you’re getting results.

Our clients get a 3-15X return on their ad spend


We work with small and medium businesses all over the world and across multiple industries.
View some of our most recent lead generation campaigns and the results we were able to achieve for our clients!

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“In the first two weeks of running a campaign with Digitalina for our MBA program, we saw a 30% surge in lead generation, with several conversions and enrollments. Digitalina has been more than just an agency. It has been a strategic partner that has helped automate and improve our leads generation process, and improved our digital spend. Alina and her team are detail oriented and are consistently monitoring our campaigns to ensure we get the best out of every dollar spent. I would highly recommend them to any SME in Dubai.”

“As a business with a niche target audience, we appreciate that Digitalina focuses on bringing us quality leads, and not just a high volume. So far we’ve conducted 28 tours, received 3 enrolments and have many interested parents in the pipeline for future terms. We’ve had a good experience so far and would recommend Alina and her team.”

“In just a few months, Digitalina has delivered a positive ROI, brought in hundreds of leads and close to AED 75,000 in revenue! Alina and her team are extremely friendly, professional and reliable, and they truly care about helping my business succeed. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business digitally.”

We started working with Digitalina in April and have received over 560 leads since then
and seen a 5 times return on our ad spend! They have not only brought in leads, but new lifetime customers for us which is priceless.


Alina Islam, CEO and Social Media Strategist

Alina Islam
Co-Founder and CEO

Naeem Parvez

Naeem Parvez
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Ishita Singh
Junior Campaign Manager

Ruba Jafri
Junior Campaign Manager